Lotte Wolf 1985 - 2018

"She doesn't care about rules, she does everything by instinct. Nothing is good enough, it can always be better: 'You shouldn't go for good if it can be fantastic.' She works hard, has an unsurpassed sense of taste, is loved by guests and colleagues."

Lotte Wolf 1985 - 2018

"Having found her passion in wine, she breaks through all the conventions of the culinary man's world to the top. Very quickly, as if she knew she had little time. By pursuing her dreams uncompromisingly, she becomes an example for many young female colleagues."

Lotte Wolf 1985 - 2018

"As a child she was a butterfly-like appearance who notices the special scents while hopping through nature while observing animals and plants, looking for mushrooms and beechnuts or picking berries in the garden of 'grandfather of the chickens'. Those berries become grapes, which grapes her. own wine."

WineWolf Foundation

The WineWolf Foundation was established in memory of vinologist Lotte Wolf, who passed away on September 11, 2018 at the age of 32. The WineWolf Foundation wants to keep Lotte’s love and enthusiasm for wines alive with activities in the wine world that she supported.

As a sommelier, hostess and winemaker, Lotte has inspired and guided many young people. That is why we award an annual prize to a young man or woman who distinguishes himself in the wine business.

The foundation wants to continue making wines in Lotte’s spirit. In order to realize her dreams, we will continue to make Lotte’s wines in Swartland, South Africa, in collaboration with Johan Meyer.