WineWolf Award 2019

That Lotte still inspires many is regularly shown. Her name and work are often mentioned, her wines are enjoyed everywhere and “Wine director” has become a well-known title thanks to Lotte (also in the Netherlands).

Wine director is a broad concept and indicates, among other things, that much more is done with wine than many people often think. Traveling, experiencing, tasting, selecting, learning, advising and transferring that knowledge and experience to colleagues and guests, for example. In the eyes of the jury, several candidates met many of these requirements, but in one of them we saw most aspects of Lotte’s work and life come together in a rare way.

The fact that she can inspire the employees of a group of catering companies also appealed to the jury. As Wine director at the Horecagroep Breda (Maris Piper, Guts, Breda and Pita Kebab&Falafel) she already has a great deal of responsibility, but we want to encourage her to go even further in Lotte’s ideas. She already has respect for natural wines and a personal introduction to Lotte’s South Africa is only a matter of time because of this Award (the prize is a wine trip to South Africa).

Sharing and promoting the passion for the wine profession in the broadest sense of the word is a challenge that the jury is happy to support. That is why the WineWolf Award 2019 is for Elske Mostert .

Runner up WineWolf 2019

The jury, consisting of Erica Verweijen, Fred Nijhuis and Willem Blankenstein, also decided to award a runner-up WineWolf Award. An extra encouragement for a special talent, able to develop further into a professional in the spirit of Lotte Wolf.

The WineWolf Award was awarded to Liz Barents. Barents was “the best of class” during her sommelier training and has previously won the National Hennessy Hospitality Award. Liz works at Heemstede Castle in Houten.