King Arthur 2016 (sold out)

OriginSouth Africa, Swartland
Grape variety(s)Grenache
Flavor Type
Alcohol percentage12.5%
serving temperature17 – 19°C
Retention period3 to 5 years
availabiltyUnfortunately, only in our private basement

Lotte about this wine

A purebred Swartland Grenache and also a tribute to my uncle Peter Arthur Wolf who passed away in 2015. My uncle was a bit like the Grenache: closed, but open when I needed him. Just like this wine, a man with a lot of depth and layers.


The vineyards are located in the heart of Swartland, on a very warm slope of schist soil. The ideal conditions for the sun-loving Grenache.


I limited the extraction of the wine by kicking the hat with my bare feet once a day. The Grenache always has a little more time to loosen, so I soaked the grapes for a long time. After a few weeks, he opened up and revived completely.

Wood education

I made an elegant wine from it. One to serve with richer fish dishes or light meat dishes.

Taste description

mmmmmm… nice man..