Lotte Wolf’s one-day wine bar

On September 11, 2019 it will be one year ago that Lotte Wolf suddenly passed away. To keep the memories of the passionate sommelier and winemaker alive, the WineWolf Foundation is launching the Lotte Wolf Day with a one-day wine bar.

Lotte Wolf Day
The Lotte Wolf Day consists of several parts: a private tasting of the favorite and her own wines. In addition, a private lunch in restaurant Bridges with dishes from and by a number of chefs she has worked with. Sergio Herman, Syrco Bakker, Andrès Delpeut and Pascal Duvivier each cook a dish from the menu. An award will also be presented on this day: the WineWolf Award, a new prize for a young, female wine talent. A temporary wine bar will also be opened.

Weinerei WOLF
On the eve of the Lotte Wolf Day, on Sunday 6 October, the one-day wine bar WOLF will open its doors in Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. In recent years, Lotte has worked as a wine director in this iconic luxury five-star hotel. The wine bar is a ‘Weinerei’ after the Berlin model. Here the guests can pay afterwards at their own discretion, based on the number of glasses they have consumed.

In Weinerei WOLF you can taste the wines that Lotte made under the name Lotte Wolf: Touch of Dutch. Weinerei WOLF is accessible to everyone. The wine bar is open on Sunday 6 and Monday 7 October from 4pm to 10pm.